SImple Water Treatment

Water Softeners To Protect the Appliances and Equipment in your Home or Commercial/Industrial Space

A water softener removes calcium and magnesium that can cause hard water and scale build-up in pipes, appliances, and other water-use equipment. This means better protection against corrosion in your plumbing pipes while spending less money on energy use and detergent.

How it Works

Hard water flows through the water softener system's resin bed, removing calcium and magnesium through an ion exchange process. As the resin bed fills with these ions, it is regenerated (cleaned) with salt, returning the resin to a "clean" state. This allows the ion exchange process to begin again, continuously softening the water flowing into your home or business.

For a limited time only, schedule your $169 water analysis at NO CHARGE. One of our experienced Simply Soft Water experts will evaluate your needs to help you choose the best water softener for you.

residential soft water systems
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