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Isn’t my water treated and tested by my local water company?

Public or municipal water systems are regularly tested for contaminants regulated by federal standards. Since these tests are conducted at the source (water company), the quality of water that reaches your home may not be the same, based on the age and erosion of water pipes. Additionally, most municipalities add chlorine to kill bacteria to protect the public from diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery. Unfortunately, the byproducts of chlorine can cause serious health problems.

Do water filters remove important minerals from my water?

Studies show that minerals in your drinking water make no essential contribution to your health and may exist in forms your body cannot absorb. Minerals in an inorganic state flow through our systems versus minerals in an organic state that are readily absorbed by our bodies. A balanced diet is the best way to get an adequate supply of important vitamins and minerals.

Is bottled water better for me than tap water?

Bottled water is generally of good quality, but federal standards for bottled water are similar to tap water. Bottled water companies must test for a portion of the hundreds of known chemical contaminants. Buying bottled water has associated costs for the purchase and convenience as well. You can eliminate these costs and storage needed for those plastic bottles by having your own unlimited supply of water at home with a price that is less than buying bottled water.

How can I protect myself and my family from lead in our water?

Drinking water may contain lead from plumbing that was connected with lead solder (outlawed in 1986) or from older water distribution lines. A carbon drinking water filter or reverse osmosis system certified to protect your drinking water from lead is a good option. Be sure to check the system has been verified by the Water Quality Association or NSF International; not all systems are certified for lead reduction.

Do water filters remove fluoride from my water?

If fluoride has been added to your water supply, it can be difficult to remove. While many common filters are effective at removing large impurities from water, elements like fluoride are left behind. A reverse osmosis filtration system is recommended to eliminate fluoride from your water.

How do I know if my water is hard?

We offer a FREE water analysis for hardness, iron, pH and total dissolved solids. We will help you interpret the results and determine if any treatment is necessary.

What are the benefits of treated water?

1. You will use less soap and detergent with soft water since there are no hard minerals to react with and overcome. Cleaning agents will lather more easily and work more effectively. 

2. Your plumbing and water-using appliances operate more efficiently and last longer because soft water contains no scale forming minerals. Leading appliance manufacturers recommend the use of home water softeners to help their products operate more efficiently. 

3. Calcium and magnesium, the two minerals that make water hard, may affect the taste of your water, including beverages or foods made with water. Some foods, especially fresh vegetables, prepared with hard water may become tough or shriveled because the calcium combines with a protein in vegetable skins.

We provide water testing and analysis for hardness, iron, pH, and total dissolved solids. We will help you interpret the results and determine if any treatment is necessary—as well as product recommendations and installations if treatment is needed. Now, for a limited time only, you can schedule the $169 water analysis for NO CHARGE. Contact us today before this deal goes away!

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